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Understanding the major and minor differences in legislation and regulations governing labor relations, executive compensation, recruiting, employment, training and development, employee relocations and human rights, among others, is essential for multinational companies. Having a local guide with first-hand knowledge of the cultural differences from country to country can have a major impact on successful human resources management and your organization's ability to comply with local laws.

World Law Group's Human Resources Law Practice Group is made up of member firm representatives working in these and related fields around the globe. They meet regularly by teleconference and at World Law Group member conferences to exchange information about emerging HR issues, challenges and global solutions for multinational clients. The group also works on comparative law projects and resources, and organizes webinars and other informative events for member firm lawyers and their clients.

Many members have also worked on multinational teams brought together to assist clients on specific HR law challenges, including multi-country workforce reductions (often following a cross-border merger or acquisition), advising on the formation of multinational profit-sharing plans, and various compliance training programs.


Legal Update

The new DIFC Employment Law has now been enacted and will replace the current law in its entirety.

Legal Update

The right to strike is a fundamental right but it is also a subject of controversy and conflict, particularly on the thorny issue of so-called “abusive” strikes.

Legal Update

Many businesses with cross border operations (but lacking a branch network or overseas subsidiaries in those jurisdictions) rely on their globally mobile employees to maintain relationships with their overseas customer bases.

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