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Herzog Fox & Neeman is Israel's premier law firm and has earned the reputation of market leader - recognized year after year as "Israel Law Firm of the Year" by the Financial Times, Mergermarket, IFLR and others. As Israel's most innovative firm, Herzog Fox & Neeman is called upon to lead prominent and influential transactions in every industry, resulting in unrivalled experience in cross-border and domestic transactions.

Herzog Fox & Neeman was founded over 40 years ago as a boutique law firm aiming to provide high-quality legal service for international clients conducting business in Israel. In the years since, the Israeli market has seen an increasing client demand for complex legal services performed to international standards and, as such, Herzog Fox & Neeman has evolved into a full commercial solution for international clients. In light of its size, structure and acknowledged expertise, Herzog Fox & Neeman is the Israeli firm best positioned to accommodate these ever-growing needs.

The passion and intensity with which Herzog Fox & Neeman addresses each matter is unparalleled in the Israeli marketplace. The firm's forward-thinking, global perspective and commitment to excellence makes Herzog Fox & Neeman the law firm of choice for international and domestic clients conducting business in Israel.

Herzog Fox & Neeman has led the way on groundbreaking transactions including the largest private IPO in Israel's history, the largest private equity deal in recent years, two of the largest telecommunications deals in Israel's history, the financing of Israel's largest private power plant and a major share of cross border M&A transactions, both on the "buy" side and the "sell" side.

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World Law Group's Board of Directors presented Janet Pahima, a Partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman (Israel), with the Kemmler Award during WLG | summit Rome '23 on October 28.

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Member firms have identified multiple additional benefits from their respective WLG | impact '23 projects, demonstrating how executing responsible business initiatives provides opportunities to forge connections.

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"WLG | impact focuses the whole WLG on the impact that we can have together, and within a few short years, we have created a tradition, which was exactly what we had hoped for, " says current Responsible Business Forum Chair Janet Pahima of Herzog Fox & Neeman.

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