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Since 1976, TozziniFreire has distinguished itself as a premier, full-service law firm by consistently providing legal services to domestic and international companies in a wide variety of business sectors. Along these years, we have played a major role in many of the most significant transactions in the Brazilian market, becoming one of the largest and most prestigious firms in Latin America. What has driven the firm’s growth and distinguished it in the legal industry is its dedication to delivering tailor-made results that contribute to our clients’ unique business strategy. Their achievements are the foundation on which our own success relies.

Another major reason for our consistent success – and a great point of pride for everyone at TozziniFreire – is the proven record as Brazil’s leading innovator when it comes to evaluating what we do and how we can do it better, improving the assistance to clients, developing and expanding our expertise, becoming more efficient and cost-effective in the way we deliver services, treasuring our people and giving back to our profession, the community and the world around us.

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What is your law firm doing to recruit, retain, and promote female talent? In a webinar we co-hosted with Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados (Peru), lawyers from our member firms offered their insights into client expectations, diversity programs, talent retention, and how COVID has shaped the work environment. Here is what we learned.

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Fifteen World Law Group member firms are shortlisted for the 2022 IFLR Americas Awards, being held on May 19 at the Essex House in New York.

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"You may sometimes feel that there are too many cloudy days and no clear skies in sight - make sure you don't lose track of who you are and where you want to get." Karla Lini Maeji, Americas Co-chair of WLG's Compliance & Investigations Group and partner at TozziniFreire, reflects on the lessons she has learned as a partner at her law firm and as a new mom. Karla encourages young female associates to further their careers through genuine relationships with clients and discusses how the balance between work and your personal life is not always perfect.

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