Satwinder Singh - Co-Chair of Restructuring & Insolvency Resolution Group

Vaish (India)
Satwinder Singh
Co-chair of WLG’s Restructuring & Insolvency Resolution group

1. Share with us something new and interesting about your firm (new practice area, implementation of a new technology, etc.).
Our team has leveraged the recently enacted insolvency laws of India to strengthen our practice in stressed asset acquisition in both advisory and litigation aspects. We foresee immense potential of mergers & acquisition in the distressed assets space by providing creative insolvency solutions, such as court-approved resolution plans to save companies from liquidation.

We have executed several big-ticket acquisitions, such as Patanjali Group's acquisition of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited for a value of USD 625 million, Ultra Tech’s acquisition of Binani Cement Limited, Dhanuka Laboratories acquisition of Orchid Pharma Limited, among many others.

Due to Pandemic, we have shifted to a completely work-from-home model. By equipping our resources with the required infrastructure, we have taken advantage of the virtual hearing mechanism rolled out across most Indian courts and are now attending hearings in different cities often in the same day.

2. What is one relationship you've made through World Law Group that has been important to your practice?
I have been privileged to co-chair the Restructuring & Insolvency Resolution group along with Mr. Jonathan Young from Locke Lord, Alexandra Schluck-Amend from CMS Germany and Christopher Armstrong, from Goodmans. We had an excellent webinar on the subject “Corporate Survival in the Aftermath of Pandemic: A Consideration of Liquidity Issues, Revised Business Plans and Legal Strategies for Navigating Sudden and Unexpected Financial Distress” at the WLG Spring econference where we presented an overall view from different countries on the subject. Personally, it was really a very good learning experience when you know about the laws prevalent in different countries on the same subject.

3. What is something you like to do in your free time (hobby)?
I have had a life-long association with the tabla, an India percussion instrument played with the fingers which forms an integral part of all Indian classical and devotional music. While I was very dedicated to the instrument in my days as a schoolboy, of late my skills have mostly been exercised to gently drumming it while contemplating a legal nuance! In the lockdown, I have taken a chance to revisit playing tabla for some days. This pandemic has also led me to explore culinary arts (to the approval of my family) and also to lend my voice to some of the Bollywood songs at home (not always to the approval of my family!).

4. Have you had any recent client, marketing or other collaboration with a WLG member firm(s)? If so, please briefly tell us about that.
The virtual speed networking program conducted by WLG was an excellent way to collaborate and connect with colleagues in member law firms. I attended two of the sessions, and post that had a chance to connect with other partners of lawyers with whom I connected. A recent example is an e-meeting with Louis-Martin from Davies, Montreal, who was also kind enough to introduce me to his other Partner, Sarabjit Basra in Toronto.