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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence represents a major technological, economic and social change that has entered the mainstream. Worldwide, there are many hubs for AI research and development and we want WLG members to be widely viewed as preferred counsel for material AI commercial or corporate finance transactions, disputes and legal developments, because of our expertise, creativity/imagination, and ethical professionalism. We want to be involved with exciting AI developments, so that we are working in a highly internationalized, intellectually challenging, new and remunerative sector.

As a member, the client focuses will be:

  1. Generating AI-related work from existing and prospective non-AI clients;
  2. Generating AI-related work from new and current AI clients; and
  3. Supporting/generating capital markets/M&A work regarding acquisitions and financings of AI businesses.

Although not pigeonholed by area of law, we anticipate AI requiring more than technology law expertise:

  1. Technology and Commercial (e.g. contract provisions for the purchase or use of AI or AI output, and the use of AI to form contracts)
  2. Corporate (Tax, Financing, M&A, Securities, Governance)
  3. Data protection/privacy/cybersecurity (e.g. risk management strategies for training an AI without contravening privacy legislation. Protecting AI from cyber-attacks and from implementing unintended cyber-attacks against other systems)
  4. Intellectual Property (e.g., patent and copyright protection for AI itself and for works created by AI. Ownership of AI output)
  5. Regulatory (Consumer Protection, Health, and Non-Discrimination) and AI user Compliance
  6. Competition (e.g. inter-AI system collusion and price-fixing. Amassing big data for AI training and exclusion of others)
  7. Dispute Resolution and Crisis Management(e.g. contract breach caused by AI. Product liability for AI. Infringement with respect to accessing data for AI training)

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Legal Update
Self-driving vehicles – or autonomous vehicles (AV) – have for many been a dream for decades. New sensor technology is rapidly emerging, making it possible for vehicles to interpret sensory information in order to navigate safely and effectively.
Legal Update
20 February marks a turning point for Kenya’s controversial Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, 2018 (the “Act”). The suspension of critical provisions that have been a subject of dispute since the Act partially came into force on 30 May 2018, has now been lifted. Yesterday, the High Court of Kenya
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You're invited to join WLG's Artificial Intelligence group for their 2020 webinar series.

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