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In recent years, corporate compliance has taken special relevance, as a growing number of local and transnational regulations have been enacted all over the world to attend to increasing concern of lawmakers and regulators on preventing, investigating, and prosecuting: (i) corruption and bribery, (ii) white-collar crimes, (iii) money laundering, and (iv) fraud in government contracts and procurement, both in the national and international scenes.

From recent and well-known international scandals, more and more corporations are seeing an increased value in investing in strong compliance programs, not only focused on prevention of this conduct, but also on training, auditing, and investigating any corporate misbehavior.

As a result, compliance practice areas have emerged and lawyers have been deeply trained to handle these kinds of cases in most of the largest firms in the world.

WLG's Compliance & Investigations Group focuses on anti-corruption and anti-bribery, white-collar crimes, anti-money laundering, internal investigations related to the aforementioned topics, and compliance programs.


Legal Update
The Thai Revenue Department recently issued a notification related to transfer pricing.
Member Firm News
Sorainen has launched a new service – communication with INTERPOL and EUROPOL – to help our clients with preventive actions as well as challenging the international organisations’ activities and with the data processed by them.
Legal Update
Bruchou participated in the Bribery & Corruption Law Argentina chapter published by The Legal 500. The chapter provides insight about the current issues affecting bribery & corruption practice and upcoming challenges for companies and legal professionals.
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