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Members of WLG's Compliance & Investigations Group focus on anti-corruption and anti-bribery, white-collar crimes, anti-money laundering, internal investigations related to the aforementioned topics, and compliance programs.

Lawmakers and regulators around the globe have demonstrated an increased focus on preventing, investigating, and prosecuting: (i) corruption and bribery, (ii) white-collar crimes, (iii) money laundering, and (iv) fraud in government contracts and procurement, both in the national and international scenes. Lawyers in WLG's Compliance & Investigations Group help corporations develop strong compliance programs, not only focused on prevention of this conduct, but also on training, auditing, and investigating any corporate misbehavior.

The group is also a platform to share knowledge and insights into investigations happening in their jurisdictions, and best practices to implement in anticipation of similar investigations in other jurisdictions. They meet regularly via virtual meetings, and collaborate on webinars and global comparative guides.

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The series of panels organized by the UN Global Compact in Brazil, with the support of TozziniFreire Advogados, addresses the latest trends in public and corporate integrity.

Legal Update
This article seeks to guide readers through the complexities of the algorithm record-filing process, a step that AIGC product developers cannot miss if they want to successfully bring AIGC products to the market.
Legal Update
This article will also analyze how to formulate and execute effective security assessment strategies, offering insight into facilitating successful market entry of AIGC products.
Main Contacts Members
Charilaos Agathos Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners Athens, Greece
Suegene Ang WongPartnership LLP Singapore, Singapore
Yahel Arbes Herzog Fox & Neeman Tel Aviv, Israel
Desiree Barahona Arias San Jose, Costa Rica +50640362800
Ferdinand Benitez
Carlos Brehm Santamarina y Steta S.C. Monterrey, Mexico 8181336021
Samanta Burgos Alfaro Abogados Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elizabeth Casey Faegre Drinker Philadephia, U.S.A. - Pennsylvania (570) 983-4245
Beth Castro District of Columbia, U.S.A. - Washington, DC +12029042477
Roberto Cordero Arias Alajuela, Costa Rica (506) 833-5839
Íñigo de Ros Cuatrecasas Barcelona
Bart-Adriaan De Ruijter CMS Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands +31203016426
Björn Demuth CMS Germany Stuttgart, Germany +497119764488
Ajitkumar Deshpande
Melany Di Polvere Alfaro Abogados Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ulf Djurberg Setterwalls Stockholm, Sweden
Jeremy Durston Campbells Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 1345-949-2648
Hassan Elhais Dubai, United Arab Emirates
María Fábrega Arias Panama, Panamá
Ileana Falla Greenberg Traurig, LLP Miami, U.S.A. - Florida 3055797862
Yuxin (Yukie) Fang Zhong Lun Law Firm Shanghai, China (136) 718-9293
Sabrina Faraone Alfaro Abogados Buenos Aires, Argentina
Adriana Ferreira Tavares TozziniFreire Advogados Plantation, Brazil (119) 748-6981
Katherine Francis Campbells Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands +13459492648
Marc-Joseph Gansah Faegre Drinker New York, U.S.A. - New York +19735497035
Heriberto Garza C. Santamarina y Steta S.C. Monterrey, Mexico 52 81 8133 6010
Madelaine Geuzi Karaian Alfaro Abogados Buenos Aires, Argentina (011) 953-6132
Peter Giese CMS Germany Stuttgart, Germany +491742407905
Claudia Gomez Arnold & Porter District of Columbia
Joel Hammerman Faegre Drinker Chicago, U.S.A. - Illinois 1-312-356-5060
Ahmed Hankawi
Paul Kennedy Campbells Yangoon, Cayman Islands 1 345 914 5872
Jeena Kim Bae, Kim & Lee LLC Seoul, South Korea
Katariina Kuum Sorainen Tallinn, Estonia
Pranat Laohapairoj Chandler MHM Limited Bangkok, Thailand (681) 751-5868
Alexandra Lasso Marin Arias Panama City, Panamá +5072821400
Lise Lauridsen Bech-Bruun Aarhus, Denmark 004525263635
Krista Lipinska Sorainen Aarhus, Latvia +37129724002
Francisco López Santoro Alfaro Abogados Buenos Aires, Argentina +5443933003
Karin Madisson Sorainen Tallinn, Estonia +37256479441
Jyeshta Mahendran Shearn Delamore & Co. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +603 2027 2881
Alison Martin Miller & Martin PLLC Chattanooga, U.S.A. - Tennessee +1 423 785 8243
Juan Salvador Mayedonchi
Gustavo Mena Pellerano Nadal Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (809) 473-4545
Peter Misur
David Moalem Bech-Bruun Copenhagen, Denmark +4525263324
Guillermo Moreno M. Santamarina y Steta S.C. Queretaro, Mexico +52 442 290 0292
Léon Moubayed Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP Montréal, Canada - Québec +1 514 841 6461
Tori Mowery District of Columbia, Angola (120) 290-4247
Qiusi Newcom Faegre Drinker San Fransisco, U.S.A. - California +12022305370
Ngan Nguyen VILAF Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Nik Azila Nik Abdullah Shearn Delamore & Co. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60320272610
Evelina Norwinski Arnold & Porter Washington, U.S.A. - Washington, DC (202) 942-6474
Eva Oruvee Sorainen Tallinn, Estonia +372 56621084
Siddanth Patil
Marcos Pereira da Fonseca
Diego Pol Cuatrecasas Barcelona, Spain
Mariella Quiros Arias San Jose, Costa Rica (506) 403-6280
José Ramón Ayala Santamarina y Steta S.C. Querétaro, Mexico (524) 422-9002
Ana Sáez de Montagut Quijada Cuatrecasas Madrid, Spain
Shrinivas Sankaran Vaish Associates Mumbai, India (982) 074-8652
Justin Sharpley Toronto
Ghassan Shawli
Hanna Shea Albany, U.S.A. - New York (120) 290-4247
Waree Shinsirikul Chandler MHM Limited Bangkok, Angola +6620095188
Peter Simo CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Bratislava, Slovak Republic +421232141414
Rudy Sitorus Makarim & Taira S. Jakarta, Indonesia
Daniel Sosa Santamarina y Steta S.C. Mexico City
Agita Sprude Sorainen Riga, Latvia
Philip Stefanovski MinterEllison Melbourne, Australia
Ivan Szymanski Santamarina y Steta S.C. Mexico City, Mexico (527) 954-69
Oliver Thurn CMS Germany Munich, Germany
Poompat Udomsuvannakul Chandler MHM Limited Bangkok, Thailand (662) 009-5000
Christian Ukpe Aarhus, Angola
Daniele Vecchi Gianni & Origoni Milan, Italy +3902763741
Travis Webster Campbells Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (345) -
Laura Workman Arnold & Porter District of Columbia