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World Law Group’s Privacy & Data Protection Group is made up of member firm lawyers who have data protection, privacy and related compliance work as a focus of their practice, both in their countries and globally. The group’s goal is to provide relevant and seamless client services, including in cross-border data transfers, privacy risk assessment and data breach notification services to multinational entities, and to develop proactive compliance procedures and techniques in this fast-growing field.

Group members from around the world meet regularly by teleconference and at WLG conferences to exchange information about emerging privacy issues and challenges for multinational and local-country clients, and to work together on various projects. Group members collaborate on unique and highly regarded information resources, and organize webinars on emerging developments for members and clients.


Legal Update

The UK is a significant jurisdiction for artificial intelligence (AI) and "big data".

Meeting of the WLG Privacy & Data Protection Group on June 4, 2019.

Legal Update

We have survived the first year of living with the GDPR. After all the panic and hard work, we look at what has happened in the last 12 months and what can be learnt.

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Niels Michael Andersen
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John Paul De Leon
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