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World Law Group's members collaborate on global comparative guides and publications.

WLG Guides

2023 Doing Business In

Q&A to help WLG colleagues and others learn more about them, how to successfully do business in their countries, key investment sectors, and what business opportunities are hot in the market right now.

2022 Anti-corruption Guide

Country-by-country insights into anti-corruption laws applicable to corporations.

2021 Global Venture Capital Guide

Covers more than 30 jurisdictions on investment approval processes, typical investment sectors and investment structures on Venture Capital deals (and more!).

2020 Global Cannabis Guide

Covers legislation, governing bodies, import and export rules, use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, and other issues concerning cannabis around the globe.

2020 Global Merger Control Guide

Outlines information on two of the most important questions of multi-jurisdictional merger control filings in 91 jurisdictions worldwide, looking in particular at the relevant thresholds for filing and investigation periods concerning merger control.

2019-2020 Report on Global Trade Policy

Provides an overview on top trade policy priorities and challenges in several jurisdictions, outlining the overall approach country-by-country on international trade and specifying concrete policy measures applied.

2018 Global Guide to Non-Competition Agreements

Non-competition agreements can help a business protect its confidential information, trade secrets and customer relationships and prevent unfair competition.