Urenda, Rencoret, Orrego y Dörr Implement Recycling Initiatives for WLG | impact '23

Urenda, Rencoret, Orrego y Dörr (Colombia) is actively working on implementing initiatives to protect and contribute to the environment. They are taking measures to strengthen the recycling of paper, cardboard, water drums, and ink toners, and introducing recycling programs for batteries and coffee grounds. To this end, they have organized a conference to raise awareness among employees about the significance of recycling, provide training on proper recycling methods and waste reduction. As part of this upcoming activity, the firm will distribute each attendee a biodegradable planter with lavender seeds, a plant that produces attractive flowers for bees, along with our own coffee grounds to use as compost to further promote consciousness and sustainability.

As part of the planned initiatives, they are in the process of partnering with a local foundation to participate in a tree planting event, which will allow members to actively engage in reforestation efforts. Additionally, they are currently organizing beach clean-up activities to support the protection of coastal ecosystems at the end of this year (when weather conditions improve).

They are dedicated to preserving our planet and will continue to make efforts to have a positive impact and promote environmental sustainability.